The Best Canadian Goose Duvets & Silk Duvets

Did you know that the average human being spends ⅓ of his life sleeping, which represents about 25 years of his life? Therefore, it is very important to take care of our linens and duvets, to preserve our sleep. From the bed sheet to the pillows and duvet cover, maintaining a hygienic bed is essential. But what makes duvets so important?

Choosing the right duvet is important because a good duvet can keep us comfy, warm but not too warm, and helps us to get a better more health sleep. Uncomfortable bedding or bedding that does not breath well will do the exact opposite.

The duvet cover is one of the most important part of your bedding. It protects your duvet while decorating your bed in whatever style you choose. It is important to wash your duvet cover and sheets regularly, at a minimum once every 2 weeks. This reduces your risk of allergies. Your duvet can be aired out regularly but should only be laundered about every three years. How can you choose the right duvet?

The duvet is something you have to choose with care. A natural duvet in down, silk, or wool, is best. There are a lot of choices. For instance, the goose down duvet is said to be one of the coziest on the market. It is light and fluffy and totally hugs the body in cloud-like comfort. The silk duvet has excellent thermoregulatory and insulating properties, and absorbs moisture well which can be especially important for people prone to night sweats. You can try the European style of having two light duvets combined together to make a winter duvet, but which come apart to give you a thin summer duvet. Or you can opt for the very popular 4 seasons duvets that will keep you warm in winter, and comfortable in summer.

As you can see, the duvet is a key element for your bed. At Ungava Duvet, we provide the best silk and goose duvets in Canada. Choose from our wide range of duvets, and enjoy the most comfortable nights! Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need help deciding on which duvet is right for you or if you simply need more information about our duvets!