Thank you for carefully reading our Terms and Conditions prior to making your purchases on our website. Your use of our website implies that you have read and that you accept these terms and conditions, that you agree to respect them and to be bound by them. We reserve the right to modify or change these terms and conditions at any time without prior notification. To make your purchases through our website, you need to be at the age of majority (ie. an adult under the law) with respect to the province or territory where you reside.


We make every effort to maintain the accuracy and timeliness of our website content in French and in English. However, we cannot guarantee perfection at all times. On rare occasions, errors, omissions, or inaccuracies may occur in the price, description, or availability of a product. We reserve the right to correct such errors, omissions, or inaccuracies or to modify or update our website content without prior notification. In addition, we reserve the right to cancel any order containing an error, omission, or inaccuracy that would be prejudicial to our business. Please note that while we try hard to faithfully reproduce the colors of our products on the website, we cannot guarantee a perfect reflection of reality since color tone adjustments can vary slightly as they are communicated between computers, laptops and other mobile devices. If you wish to clarify any of our website information, please don't hesitate to contact us at 1-800-363-3533 or e-mail us at We will be happy to answer your questions.


On this website, all prices are shown in Canadian dollars ($CAD) and all costs or fees will also be in Canadian dollars. We reserve the right to limit the quantity of certain products that can be bought through this website. Please note that all prices shown on the website apply to on-line purchases and may not correspond to prices posted at our point-of-sales stores. Conversely, prices shown in our stores may differ from on-line prices posted on our website. In addition, for on-line purchases, we apply the combined federal and provincial sales taxes that are in effect at the address to which the order is expedited.


To ensure you receive the best offer available, we will reimburse you the difference should you find a product equivalent to ours at a lower price elsewhere, if the following conditions apply:

  • * the equivalent product must be sold by a Canadian company which has at least one outlet in Canada, and not just a web presence
  • * the equivalent product must be sourced in the same way: made in Canada, or imported from the same country
  • * the equivalent product must have the same characteristics as the one we offer : size, materials, stitching (thread count), decoration if any, warmth indicator or loft number in the case of products containing duvet or feathers, duration of guarantee; the equivalent article must have undergone the same antimicrobial treatment in the case of hypoallergenic products; and must have received the same recognition in the case of duvets (DownMark association)
  • * the price of the equivalent article must be clearly marked on its label and/or on its website
  • * the price of the equivalent article must be its regular price new; promotional discounts, "deal of the day", private sales, special or theme discounts, second-hand articles, and liquidation sales will not be considered
  • * the price comparison must include delivery/shipping costs or any other added costs

We often do promotions on various products. If you purchase an article at regular price less than one week before it is discounted, contact us within the following 20 days and we will reimburse you the price difference. Please note this policy does not apply to articles already purchased at a discount and which then experience a further price reduction; or when the discount (following your purchase) is a consequence of a special sale, or a special occasion such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Boxing Day/Week, Mothers' Day, Fathers' Day, Easter, etc.


You can place an order on-line without delivery. Depending on the article's availability, pick-up time may vary between one and 15 business days. When your order is ready, we`ll notify you by phone or e-mail, at which point you can pick up your order at our store located at 10 Pine Avenue West, Room 112, Montreal H2W 1P9.

When you place an order on-line with delivery, fees may apply : for each order whose total value before taxes is less than $100, delivery cost is $10. For orders whose total value before taxes is more than $100, we absorb the delivery cost - except in the cases of futon bases, futons, and mattress toppers whose weight and size require special arrangements.

The estimated time before you receive delivery of your order can vary between 3 and 15 business days, depending on the article's availability, the distance it is shipped, and Post Office deadlines. If your order includes several articles, this may affect the delivery time. Please note that certain articles are made to measure and consequently, may require more time before delivery.

In all cases, we will follow-up with you by phone or by e-mail should we experience a delay of more than 10 days in processing your order. We will be pleased to respond to any questions relating to the shipping of your order at 1-800-363-3533 or at When your order is shipped, the Post Office sends a tracking number to the e-mail you supply as part of your billing details.

Free shipping exemption

The following provinces are not included in free shipping:

  • Northwest Territories, X0E, X0G, X1A
  • Yukon, Y1A, Y0A, Y0B
  • Nunavut. X0B, X0C, X0A

*There is a $50 or $75 flat-rate per order for these territories.

Free shipping does not include the following:

    • Futons, furniture, mattress toppers, and any oversize products.
    • Please call for a shipping or delivery quote
    • Flat-rate shipping fees for rural areas and territories are also not applicable on oversized items


In the event that you are not satisfied with your order, you may return the article(s) under certain conditions. Because we essentially deal with bed linens, for obvious reasons of hygiene, we observe a strict policy on returns and exchanges.

  • Please Note: For hygienic reasons, we do not accept returns on any duvets, pillows, featherbeds and protectors
  • Thank you for ensuring that as soon as you receive your order, you verify that it is the one that meets all your criteria, in order to avoid any misunderstanding.
  • Keep your receipt and order number so that we may do a follow-up if necessary.
  • Please note that articles discounted at 50% or more of the regular price, as   well as articles made to measure cannot be exchanged or reimbursed. 
  • For orders that had Free Shipping, the cost of goods returned will be refunded, less our cost to ship the original order. For orders that did not qualify for free  shipping, any shipping fees paid will not be refunded.
  • A 10% re-stocking fee will apply to returned items that need to be pressed     and/or repackaged.

To return an article you are not satisfied with, here are the steps to follow:

      • 1) Contact us at 1-800-363-3533 or at within 48 hours of receiving your order to advise us of your intention to return the order, and to proceed with ordering another article should you wish to exchange what you have received. If you wish to be reimbursed, we will process your request as soon as we receive the returned article assuming it is in the very same condition in which it was originally shipped.
      • 2) Please ensure that the article is in the same condition as when you received it. For obvious reasons of hygiene, we reserve the right to refuse any article which appears to have been used, soiled, damaged or washed.
      • 3) Return the article in its original packing, along with the bill receipt to the following address: Attention of : Duvets Ungava, 10 Pine Avenue West #112, Montreal, QC, H2W 1P9 Please note that shipping is at your expense in the case of a return for exchange or reimbursement .

If you notice that there has been a mistake in your order (size, color, quantity), please contact us within 48 hours of its reception. Steps to follow are the same as those mentioned above, except that we will take responsibility for the mistake and reimburse you shipping costs. If you notice that your order has been damaged during shipping, please point it out to the Postal representative before signing the receipt you will be given, and request that the Post Office be immediately advised of the situation so that they may take responsibility for it. We recommend you take a photo of the parcel in its arrival state by way of a guarantee for yourself. Please contact us within 24 hours following reception of your order to advise us of the situation and send us the photo. We will then proceed with an exchange.

We register reception of orders using the Post Office's tracking number. Any request made after the 24 h or 48 h deadlines stipulated will not be considered.

Thank you for reading our Terms and Conditions. Please be assured that we make every effort to give you the best service possible, so do not hesitate to contact us for any further information you may need.

Yours sincerely,

The Duvets Ungava Team